Cleaner Fail - Sort Of

Well I got in a cleaner. It was a husband and wife team. They where to clean the bathroom and kitchen well and do the dusting and vacuum.

Well the dusting was spotty and I had to spot clean not to mention she managed to get pledge on my printer keypad while spraying her dusting cloth. Sigh.

The fridge has spots on it still even though she went over it, some where very obvious. So I had to wash that down again as well.

The bathroom was great with the exception of the tub... The tub was not cleaned at all and I had to do it.

I thought after, I should have taken photos and I should have had a look around before I let them go. But such is life.

The entire idea was to get them in to do the 2 spots I can't get to as it causes me a lot of pain to be on my knees. So I guess in the end I will end up on my knees in a lot of pain instead of paying people do clean for me. Sigh.

Normally I clean myself and was leaving these 2 spots because I could not get to them and visitors would not normally see them.

Another thing is I'm disabled and cleaning hurts me, but I can do the place in the time it took 2 of them to do 3/4 of the cleaning. Actually the cleaning takes me a total of about an hour and a half. But I do it in patches and rest between them as I need to do it that way or end up in the ER...

On a positive note, she did get the stove looking great. I suppose if I made a detailed list and checked their work it would be OK to get them back in again. But that I am sure would extend the time frame and I would end up paying twice as much. At $16 an hour it adds up.

So next time I need to get to them spots I'll just suck up the pain and do it myself.


  1. Fuckers it is so hard to have staff these days

    1. Yes but most of the people in here would not have noticed the shit job. So they get away with it.


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