Maple Bugs All Over The Place

 We call these Maple Bugs. They have infested all of Saskatchewan and are literally everywhere in great numbers. Regina and Saskatoon are way worse than Moose Jaw though. I mean it's biblical there.
 Above you see them getting into the walls of my building to stay warm for the winter. On the right you see one in the hall of my building. I have stubbed and tossed maybe 40 of them in the toilet in the last 2 days from my apartment.
Smooshing them seems to attract more of the fecking things, so it's best to just vacuum them up and dump them outside. But I don't want to be forever getting the vacuum out so in the toilet the go for me.

Unfortunately, there are so many of them in here that you can't avoid stepping on them in the hall or entry way - the entry is way worse.

As well they seem to have some strange attraction to my chair I use for my desk. Half of them in here seem to go right for it for some reason.

In my life I have not seen as many as this year. But as I say Moose Jaw seems to be lucky in comparison. I've seen photos from Regina where hundreds of thousands of them are piled up on trash cans and walking paths. But they really do like my brick building and are wintering in the walls.

One of the dang things ended up in my coffee yesterday and I got kind of pissy about that. You don't mess with my coffee! Anyway I hope they are gone for the winter soon. I'm very tired of weeing them right now.


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