I Got Some Good Deals

Ordered them the other day and in fact they have been mailed out now. Here is the ticket, the Pusheen is a separate order as it's from a different seller... So it's coming by it's self.

Now I ordered the Hemp Oil (CBD) so that I would have 3 months worth in total (have 2 of them now). 1 is to give to a friend to try.

Now the reason I'm posting this is the paper products. Now the butt paper was $9.95 for 24 double rolls. There are also 10 85 count Kleenex for $5.95. These where "ad on items" on Amazon.

Normally on a GOOD sale the butt paper is $9.99 for 12 double rolls - so it's 1/2 off the sale price, so why not. The Kleenex was not as good a deal but still about 1/3 off the normal sale price at the places I shop.

Takes me about a month and a 1/2 to use a box of tissue so this is like a years supply for me - so not bad. The butt paper will last me 2 months. I go threw a lot of it as my bowels don't like me kind of often and at least 2 times a week I get the mega-poops and go to the can 8 or 10 times in a day. I also have a BIG butt - so lots of cleanup... (yeah I know TMI)...

Now Wally World every 3 months like clock work has butt paper on for 30 double rolls for $9.98... The trick is they literally get 20 of them in and they are sold out in an hour after opening day 1. This is to draw you in and since I are there, you pick up butt paper for way less a deal than the mega-sale. Kleenex on the other hand they never have for this price - but some crap brand you blow you nose and your hand is wet they do...

Yet I have on many occasions seen prices in other online or in real life stores that are better than Amazon - you just never know. BTW the Pusheen is about 1/2 the price from the seller I got it from than Gund it's self and it's authentic. So why not.

On a final note everything but the Pusheen should be here in 2 days. The Pusheen has to cross a border and be checked to see if it's stuffed full of drugs or what the hell ever takes 4 or 5 days to clear customs. I literally have visions of 2 guys and a dog checking out 350,000 packages a week by themselves...

Any how - I got good deals... And well PUSHEEN!


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