I seem to be in Facebook jail for having a sense of humor. Come to think of it a friend was put in FB jail for DEFENDING Gay people. They called it hate speech and he was defending gay people against hate. Sigh the appeal he filed failed even. Tell me anyone is actually looking at these things? 90% of the time someone gets hit, it's ridiculous. Hell they put someone in there for showing her Goddess necklace saying it was nudity - pff can hardly tell it's a human form LOL. Ya know one of them statues of a fertility goddess that is from 30,000 years ago - the tubby looking kind of woman like things. Yup. I posted a MEME that had a woman sleeping in a shopping cart that said "someone is returning a sandwich maker". They called it "Hate Speech". Tacky and slightly rude perhaps, but hate speech? Come one. Another friend got tossed in there for saying the Pot dispensary in her town was having a sale - POOF 3 days in FB jail. First time I got hit I posted "Us man are tacky twats aren't we". Evidently that is Hate Speech to Facebook. Lost the appeal as well on that one. BTW takes like a week to process an appeal so you still get the 3 days in the corner. This is why I am trying to get all my friends over to MeWe instead. They don't call you a monster for making a joke or posting a pagan goddess.

Go HERE to look at that offensive goddess.


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