Honestly, I knew better but I ordered this from Amazon anyway. I know I was going to make myself sick with it. But I opened the app to track my mug I ordered and it was on sale for a great price. So I ordered it and eat 420g of chocolate in one afternoon. Now my tummy is upset and tomorrow I'm going to poop myself to death. Not to mention the calories. Yup I'm stupid.

To top it off just after the order was processed and almost impossible to stop I got a phone call saying I needed to go to a doctor in Regina - this won't be cheep you see. So I had to beg for money and thank God someone took pity on my and gave me some. Gave me a lot in fact - more than I needed. But now my credit card is paid off and I have the money to get to Regina and see the skin doctor about my arm.

But thanks to a VERY kind friend (one who has saved my ass several times) I'm in the clear and next month if nothing happens I can put some aside for emergency cab funds and what now. But for now - look at the yummies I consumed.


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