Farm fresh free range extra large eggs. I get these now and then for free from a friend. They seem to be producing a lot of eggs this last while, so I have had a lot of them. Below you see them scrambles (slightly runny like I like it) and hit with hot sauce. The chickens that lay these things are rather large. I do believe the bread is "Malay". They also give lots of meat and it tastes great. They as well, grow quite fast it seems.

BTW unwashed eggs (as these are) will last out of the fridge for up to 2 weeks they say. I keep them in the fridge though and wash them just before I crack them into a pan. I have to say they taste a lot better than the in store eggs. Strange thing is a lot of people don't like free range as they taste to strong of egg. I literally can't wrap my head around that one.


  1. That's if you don't put them in the fridge. In the fridge they stay for a couple of months.


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