More Random Thoughts

My respect goes to the guy who works all day in the hot sun to keep up the yard of a guy making $2,000,000 a year to sit at a desk letting others do his work. It does NOT however go to the guy who owns that yard.
Star Trek original series episode the cloud minders is a look into the mind of socialism if you ask me. At the same time it's a very poignant statement about Humanity.
Good God what did I just watch? The beauty, nobility and terrifying carnage of it all. Not to mention the symbolism of that horse. #GOT
Dang it. It was a 14 point survey and I blew it up by tapping the back key. Sigh. They crash when you do that. How annoying.
OMG Mary killed a priest. #MaryKillsPeople
Dark moon over calm waters.
Snow falls on the flowers of spring.
All too few days before the night.
The memory will only fade when I cross.
The ultimate failure in life is when no one will miss you when your gone.


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