The moment you realize the demon is more cultured than you are.

You should know who Arlo Guthrie is. There is no excuse not to.

We can not describe God with our words or see God with our minds. We must reduce God to the early form to be able to understand and relate to God. The closest we get is to know we can not comprehend that being.

The idea that we are and all that exists is a blink of an eye in a being that is only a dream blows my mind.

The simple proof of God or gods and Goddesses is that we think they exist, thus they do exist. To the perspective of the self god exists or goes not exist because we think it. Thus hog does and at the same time does not exist. Just like that cat in a box.

You are important to the universe simply because you can imagine you are. If you where not important you would not be given the knowledge of self.

The simple knowledge that we are more than what the world sees makes us more than an earthly being.

Ever notice how often the number 3 is important in many religions?

Here is a thought, do non-theist find spiritual fulfillment in earthly ways? It is entirely possible. I know people who find it in BDSM. Others in dental of physical pleasure. Yet others in living to excess. A God is not needed for spirituality.

People who scream "free speech" the loudest always try to take it away from others. It's an interesting paradox.

85% of people who have met me LOVE me. 13% are indifferent, 1.9% are jealous. And 0.1% hate me for being too dang sexy.


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