There are a surprising number of people with sexual predilections far outside what is considered the norm. Some of them are simple things and some more complicated and even dangerous to them or other people.

Most of us have heard of BDSM for example. The act of bondage, and so on. Where people get tied up and beaten to satisfy the sexual tastes of bot the master and the slave. This is a for the most part consensual act that does no permanent harm. It can and has been taken to an extreme in some cases. I personally know a person who has been branded in a BDSM ritual of ownership. This to me is over the top as it does permanent harm. I do admit I used to live to be tied up and hit with a flogger and made to submit sexually. Now with the chronic pain all the time, I have quite enough of it without playtime giving me more pain. But in my younger days it was very enjoyable.

There are other predilections that can not be consensual in any sane fashion. Things that are predatory in nature. Things like this can be excised with the act of roll-play. Some unfortunately don’t get the required thrill from such play and go out and harm people. This is never acceptable and should be punished with the full weight of the law. I consider such predatory practices to be fully against the will of society and basic moral practice. As such they need to be dealt with harshly.

For people with such desires, they should NEVER be fulfilled. This is to say if it is harmful in a permanent fashion to anyone including the person with the desire. There are people for example who want to be hanged. This is not acceptable and rather permanent. Others want body parts removed. Again, this is something that should by any sane mind, never be done.

Then there is the case in which someone is not able to give informed consent for one reason or the other. Predatory acts such as this again should be pushed harshly. You would be shocked at the estimate of the number of people who desire to do thing with children as an example. I have a particular distain for anyone who would harm a child. I think they should never be on my planet for that moment on.

Now I do understand but have a very hard time accepting that people are more than likely born into these kinds of desires. Often the ones who offend are those who where a victim of said offence or some trauma in the past. Others don’t even have that lame excuse.

The fact is, for the most part these people realize that what they desire is wrong, and they cannot proceed with it.  Likewise, most people who desire great harm to be done to them are aware that they should never give into this desire. To do so is to violate the fundamental principles of a society. To the majority of people that is not acceptable ever.

Unfortunately, most some can’t contain the desire to just fantasy and offend. We should never use the excuse that someone was born this way to lighten the burden of punishment. We don’t say “well that guy was born violent, lets give him less time”, so why would we say any less for any offender.

I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community. As such I am actually outraged that people who desire children or animals want to be part of this community. I can’t agree with allowing them to be grouped with us. I do however understand as I have stated, they are more than likely born with this kind of sexuality. There is too much evidence to think otherwise. But there is no way I am going to validate it being in the same light as people who don’t desire to harm others.

Then there is the question of registry for people who go to a therapist and speak of their desires. In several locations on this planet, the person they speak with is bound by law to tell the police about it and they go on a list. This is even when they desire help in not offending. I honestly can’t tell you if I think this is the right thing or not. Part of me wants to think “if they don’t want to offend, leave them alone” – the other part of me thinks “they are a great danger and we must keep an eye on them”.

This logic of the law extends to other things like the desire to burn down a building and so on. Any danger to the public has to be reported in many parts of the developed world, so why would we not put them on the list as well.

I’m actually too tired right now to make this the best thought out blog post in history, but I hope I have made my point. One last word, until these people hurt someone or themselves – I think society needs to stay out of it; but yes, we do need to keep an eye on people with the potential to harm others or themselves. There is the matter of free will and self-harm, but I’m not even going there right now.


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