My Top 10 Best SiFi TV Shows of All Time List

10. Space 1999 (Just season 1 season 2 sucked)
9. Dollhouse
8. Stargate SG1
7. Westworld
6. Torchwood
5. Doctor Who (Original and new)
4. Trek Original Series
3. Babylon 5
2. Blake's 7 (I know - but I LOVE it)
1. Firefly
Honorable Mention: Farscape

My Top 10 Worst SiFi TV Shows of All Time

10. Cleopatra 2525
9. Under The Dome
8. Misfits of Science
7. Sea Quest DSV
6. Logan's Run (I think the movie is awesome though)
5. V: The Series
4. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
3. Crusade (squeal to B5)
2. Automan
1. The Starlost
Honorable Mention: Star Trek: Enterprise


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