5. Freaks (1932) was disturbing not only for its use of actual circus freaks, but it's original ending that was cut is out of this world twisted. The low quality film I think added greatly to its disturbing nature. The film is simple but for many reasons it works as an epic work of horror.

4. Eyes without a face (1960) In this movie a woman has her face removed for medical reasons and is replaced by a featureless mask. This look spawned the look of Michael Myers. The mask alone is disturbing in it’s dehumanizing manner, but when seen with no mask on it must have freaked out a lot of people at the time and yes it’s disturbing.

3. The man who laughs (1928) Let’s face it, without the ultra disturbing look to the main character this movie would be boring. However because of the grotesque look to his never ending grin, the movie is transformed into something disturbing to say the least. By the way, this spawned the look of “The Joker”.

2. L'infeno (1911) also known as Dante's Inferno, is for the time an incredibly shocking film. There is nudity, scenes of people hanging in trees and being tortured and eaten by the devil. The low quality to the film lends to it’s disturbing nature. The fact that is is a silent film also lends to it’s disturbing nature.

1. Un Chien Andalou (1929) simply freaked my shit out. The famous scene where the woman gets her eye cut open with a razor made me literally yell out "oh Jesus no". Salvador DalĂ­ helped in the making of this film and it shows. To be honest this is one of a very few films ever to make me feel shocked. Only a Serbian Film (uncut) was more disturbing to me.


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