This should be entirely obvious, but evidently it's not... Sigh. Literally no time ever in your life is random money going to be sent to you in a text message or an email when you at no time knew it was coming. You did not win a lotto and no random person sent you money.

Unless you know for certain who this is coming from never click that link (EVER).

This one was in my text inbox the other night. I went to Sasktel and YUP it's a scam going around and it said to delete and do not open the link.

They went on to explain with an actual screen shot, that the link takes you to a place that then asks you your band and it lists a number of banks available in your aria. It then asks you to enter your account number, transit number and institution number.

I honestly think it's obvious to anyone that it's a seriously bad idea to give that out to some random web page - but some people do. See if you go it, the next day you end up with a lot of missing money from your account and you are a sad person.

Being this shit comes from some off shore country, good luck ever seeing the criminals come to a just ending. It's also a pain in the ass to get your money back and in some cases you don't get it back.

See all real money transfers will be openable in your banking app and so on. There will also be a security question most of the time when getting one.

Some of them actually have a photo attachment that makes it look like it's from a bank. It's just not. Anyway - just think before you click.


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