Week 21 I'm down 2 lbs to 351.4 lbs. This is not a great thing as in total this year I've don't about terrible at losing weight. In fact, 21 weeks and I'm literally down 1 lb exactly from my starting point.

8 Weeks up. 12 Weeks down. 1 Week no change. Most of the down was small and some of the ups where actually very large as in 11 lbs one week.

But next month I'm going to try my best to stay on plan and the only cheat will be Thursday when I have chicken hot-dogs. Well that's the plan. Being I have very LITTLE month next month, I might just stick to the plan.

I also don't want to be on credit next month and the month after that being extra money month, I want to get a new coffee maker - they tend to last 2 years and it's about 2 years (I'm hard on coffee makers).

But in any event, I'm 146.6 lbs down since I started a bit less than 4 years ago. So I'm doing good in total. The first year was the best by far at over 70 lbs lost. This year is well, my worst so far - got to get back in the game.

There is no reason other than just doing stupid things over and over because they feel good. Like an addict of any other kind, I fell off the wagon. It was hard as hell to get on it to start and it's hard as hell to get back on it. That being said I know I can do it if I just keep trying. So.

Well in any event, I hope your weight loss journey is a positive one and goes more easy than mine. Hugs and peace.


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