4 Years Ago And Now

Yuppers gone from in this photo in the 490 lbs aria (topped out the next year at 495) to 364. I'm sure next week I'll be up some though as I been very bad the last 2 days. But it's been a hell of a road the last 2 1/2 years since I started this. Most of it was lost last year when I dropped about 75 lbs or so. This year been up and down but mostly down thank God. With luck I can keep the trend up for a few more years to come and drop a lot more weight.


  1. It has been a, tough row to hoe, that is for sure. Yet, you have something that keeps you going when others would have clocked out. You have a lot of friends out there, in cyber-land, that love you and want you to stick around and make your goal and then some, I am just one of them.

  2. Yes I'm loved and it's good. It really helps.


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