I'm A tired Fellow AKA Awesome Day Today

Well it's been a long day. I was up more early than normal for me and I am up at almost 3 am. So I need to go to bed I think.

It was kind of a great day mood wise. I mean as in one of the better days in the last 5 years of my life. The pain level was low and my brain was working well. I also got a LOT of amusement from several unexpected sources.

I did however not leave my apartment at all but to get mail. I should have I think.I should have walked in the baement a bit like I been doing.

Anyways I lost 6.4 lbs this week so it's all good. I seem to be back on track and it's going well. In a week I get paid and there is always a bib in the system when I get money as I treat myself.

But I have a lot of things to pay for next month, so not much treating will happen. One thing is I need to get the cleaners in here for a couple of rooms to be done and the windows. I can't get to the places I need done so I will have to pay for it to be done. I can't be on my knees or I end up in a lot of pain and actually might not be able to get back up.

Anyway - I am off to bed, it's time to sleep. Good night world and have a great day whenever you see this. As well remember you are loved.


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