On My Phone

My notepad with my Co-op Number (I forget it now and then) and my filter size for the coffee maker. I also put my shopping list on there. On that page there is also a bunch of cartoon effects for photos and a makeup app (yes I use it). The web cam looking thing is for my endoscope. Center panel is the home page with all the apps I use a lot. Then the right panel is my calendar...

I'm using Nova Launcher Prime and a custom icon set (I change it every other week). There are 2 radio station apps and 2 sound cloud like apps for podcasts. Domino's is the only pizza place I ever order from so I have the app. Things of note are the WiFi analyser that helps select the best channel to use for your modem. The speed Check app for checking to see if my service has tanked yet again - something is getting into the modem I think. I turned off 2.4 ghz so it's not a wireless mouse or something. The WiFi File server is the fastest way to get things off your phone - it's way way faster than cabling it to your phone and with the fast SD card I put in it - it flies off the phone :)

Puffin plays flash content so I use it for 1 site I go to on my phone or tablet. Rest is kind of self explanatory I think.


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