Chargers, Power Banks, Batteries and Books

Loving these retro looking cords - they look like phone cords from the 1940's, it's cool. Not to mention they are 10 foot long and work like a dream.

I have a pile of these chargers so I decided to plug one into the wall by my chair so I can charge while watching TV or a movie. There is a multi-charger by the TV that I charge everything but my phone on. So there are options.

I also have the same cord and charger at my bedside. This way I can actually be sitting on the opposite side of my bed and looking at a text while I am charging.

I've got a Galaxy S7. Friend has an S5 and it runs hot when charging so she has to turn it off to do it at night. Mine does not have that issue at all. She also can't put it in a case or it will actually shut down.

Mine is happy in it's otterbox and I have cranked it up to prominence mode, while charging and rendering a video and the temp never got past the danger zone. In fact it never got close.

I did however disable rabid charging in the settings. This is not for fear of it bursting into flames as they toned down the battery size to prevent that. It's to keep the battery healthy longer - rapid charge is convenient when you are in a rush but it lowers the life span of the battery threw heat damage - BTW that is why they blew up in the first run...

I also have a 28,000 MA/H power bank for when I'm out and about. Though it's not likely I will need it. I charge every night and I have yet to use it enough to drop under 35% and the time I hit 35% was a day I used the HELL out of it. BTW the company does not seem to make this size any more - they have a 30K and a 20K though. I think the 30K has 3 ports too.

Anyhow today is a low use day - I've almost not touched it. I've been on the tablet instead reading a book so I used it for FB and watching some Vlogs. So phone is still at 84%.

I love the battery life on this thing - It will last me 2 days instead of 1 if I put it in power saving mode - but that shuts off the always on display and I really like that being on. It's the best thing Samsung did to a phone :)

One last note - GOD I hate that Samsung thinks I want to have popup news stories in my notifications - that was a bother to kill off as I don't use the default launcher - so I had to turn Nova off then kill it in their launcher and turn Nova on again. Sigh. My Tablet had that shit too and it took me 3 hours to figure out how to get it off the launcher. Samsung at least was easy to disable it.


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