Difference In Governments

Interesting difference in political organizations in Canada and the USA. Here we see a Tweet from the Alberta Government. You will notice they are currently supporting the LGBTQ+ community with the profile icon.

There is not a chance in HELL that this will happen in the USA at this current time. In fact they have tried hard to erase all traces of the community from existence on government web pages.

Up here there is a lot of support with funding and resources for the LGBTQ+ community. In fact Alberta is literally the LEAST supportive and look there it is that icon...

Not to mention a very good message being Tweeted. The respective police forces are getting ready for next years legalization of recreational pot after all. I'm sure there will be a spike in the start but after that it will level out. I also expect that booze sales will drop in favour of pot and I think that might not recover.


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