Why Did I Keep All This?

So I have like 10 or 12 of each thing. I don't have the desire to thin out the herd at all. Thing is I have 3 of the plates, toast places, bowls and so on - just 3 of each... Some how I seem to keep thinking "they where moms".

Here is the thing. I had no problem despising of the rest of her stuff when she was in the care home and never coming back. I also had no problems with donating all the nice new clothing I got for her when she went in the home (she had dropped a lot of weight at that point).

Even had no problems letting her wedding ring get planted with her ashes. So why do I have a problem 5 years later with this mess of cutlery? I really don't have any idea. But it needs to be thinned out.

So here is the plan, I am putting some in a box and tossing it in the closet. So when I drop dead the people who come to clean it all out think "why the fuck is this in here"?

They are all old things and not really worth donating, so this is the best way of doing it - and it I lose some, I will still have the leftovers. It's easy to toss out a fork after all - not so much easy tossing out a plate by mistake.

So some time in the middle of the night I'll be sorting cutlery out. After all it's already 11:39 pm. So ya know...


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