Google Bot Messed Up My Numbers LOL

Stat counter review came in today and there where thousands of views this last week. Being that almost no one ever looks at my blog I found that strange.

So I go and look. The log is literally FULL. LOL. So again I'm thinking WTF?

Well I hit the tab to see the IP's they came from and 25 pages of the exact same thing. Looks like "Google Bot" has crawled my blog very thoroughly... It's hit every last page about 20 times. I have not one clue what the hell that is about HAHA. Why it would not have hit each page just one time I don't know.

If any of you know why the many hits on every last page, let me know in the comments please - I'm interested in finding out why it does this.

All I can think is that I got a custom URL from Google with my name on it and that had something to do with it. Actually I thought it was someone refreshing on pages to run up the number for some strange reason.

The bots are from MORE than one location (server) as well one page 1 it's a different city in the USA that it's coming from so all I can think is that when it crawled the page instead of tossing the info to other servers it crawled from a wack of them. Again why it did this I got no clue. So HA.

BTW most where only hit 1 time from 1 location yet others got hot from 20 locations.


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