Addressing A Right Wing Lie About Welfare

This is what happens when right wing nut jobs have an internet connection. You can actually look up on government web sites how much people on welfare actually make and see for your self how absurd this actually is. I know a great deal of people on the system either on welfare of on disability. There is just no thread of truth to this image.

The following image is a screen cap from the Sask Social Services Web Page - I will include some information after that about other than shelter needs.

On top of this you get $255 a month for living expenses – food, clothing, personal care items and so on. Power and water will be paid direct for you if needed and you can get $30 for a phone. This is all you get for welfare in Saskatchewan so tell me, who has the full fridge?

Compared to the economic reality of living in Saskatchewan, one is actually better off on the dole here than in several other provinces. Tell me this Mr. or Mrs. Middle class - do you pay more than $328 a moth in rent (if you are alone)?

Trust me the lowest rent is subsidized housing and I'm hitting in at $418 a month right now - so try and get something for that price. A very crappy one room apartment here in Moose Jaw will set you back $600.


  1. Well it is half truth, when I was employed my fridge was that empty because I didnt have time or was too damn lazy to go shopping, I just grabbed a pizza on the way home.

  2. also feck this makes me realize how spoiled we were in Denmark (not anymore) I was on Welfare briefly and I got $1000 per month PLUS my rent paid.

    1. That was in the exchange rate back then, now it would have been even more $$

    2. With this you literally have to have 5 or 6 people living in a small apartment some place. But yet I know people who chose not to work and being they are not disabled they get shit for money. They live like rats.


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