2 Examples Of Bad Advertising In My Way Of Thinking

 This puppy was on Twitter. It for a time will blink brightly at you at a rapid speed. I mean hello Apple... Have you not heard of Photosensitive Epilepsy? Can you imagine someone with this disorder scrolling along and hitting this flashing light on their phone? Or mom is scrolling on the sofa and the kid is looking at the phone and POOF seizure. I can NOT possibly be the only one to have this concern. There is a reason this is avoided in visual media these days.

OK this one is slightly misleading, yes there is a free version of Spotify. The thing is, it's like a radio station - you get what you get and that is all not to mention there are adverts in the stream. The quality is low and you get nagged to upgrade to a service that is $9.99 a month. So really how free is this thing? Anything with advertising in it is how you pay for the service (exposure to ads) it's not actually "free" for that reason. Not to mention after the 100th time it tells you to upgrade for more features and so on, how many are then tempted to just pay the price to shut it the heck up and get rid of the ads? Comes down to "there is nothing free".

BTW had these images named AD1 and AD2 and Blogger would literally not let me post them. Gee Google what that?


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