YouTube AKA Begging For Spare Change

What one of these is not like the others? Can you tell who watched the video and who just wants to draw traffic to their channel over there on YouTube? Seems now about 5% to 10% of my comments are like this and literally just want to draw me over to their content so they can stack up the views and make $0.02 more each week on their videos.

In the first place I have never monetized or wanted to. I am in it for the fun of the hobby and don't think I need to be gives some token amount of change for my task. I also have no desire to ever big a big name on the tubes. That would mess it all up for me I think. After all, I just want to talk to people and have them talk to me.

Yup I'm cool with some other person wanting to make spare change off the vlogs or whatever, but I run adblock plus so I don't have to put up with the advertising. Honestly I get enough of that shit on Facebook and they have less than 5% of the advertising YouTube puts on stuff. Kind of makes me wonder how the hell they are losing money off of the site.

That being said I don't have the setting on for them to advertise on my videos and it will STAY that way until they make me have them on there. I really can see that happening BTW. I can also see them doing the same over here on Blogger - there are no other blogging sites that allow ad free posting without paying money for it.

Don't get me wrong, I would not go someplace else if they stamped ads on my blog or videos, I like both sites too much and the competition is a pain in the butt.

If all you want is a few bucks extra a month go over to Vidme or Dailymotion - don't expect anyone to ever comment on it though and don't expect to get a living off it. YT is a pain in the ass to get money out of as it all has to be "family friendly" and this blog post would have messed that up already with the word "shit". I have had every last video on my 2nd channel disallowed to monetize. I find that interesting and it keeps happening and I have not one clue why. LOL It's only now and then that my vlog channel had that happen.

So all in all the bots are kind of not working like the rest of the site and people are getting ads removed for literally no reason. I am talking about videos that are 100% family friendly and have no possibility of being controversial unless someone is off their meds and freaks out about it. POOF no ads for you. Yup...

I got hit twice now for "music" violations - one time I was literally sitting in a quiet room talking and the other time there was NO sound on the video. I had posted it with the audio muted in the editing progress. So how the hell did the bot pick out a song in a video with no sound at all? No wonder people are flipping out about it. Seems a lot of the time it's some company I literally never heard of before they started to pop up in rant videos as well - but there it is. For the life of me off hand I forget the name and am not going to look it up.

Anyways I'm off to watch some ad free vlogs over on YouTube now - L8R :)


  1. BTW the title is not aimed at people trying their best to make a few bucks, it's aimed at YouTube and the crap system they have.


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