Up At 3am Listening To Ram Jam

So this is my last night at 3am. Yup rocking some Ram Jam. See I tend to as soon as I lay down and start falling asleep, have a lot of pain some times.

Not all Fibro people have this happen, but it's common enough. So when this happens, I get up and sit in the chair with my feet up and rock out for a couple of hours. It tends to pass for me after that.

I have no idea what causes this to happen but there it is some nights. Mostly it will be the feeling of muscle pain in my arms and legs and lots of it. It actually feels like cramps but with no actual cramping going on. Yeah that sounds strange but there it is.

I would love to watch a movie on the TV at that time but I don't want to make noise at 3am and I'm a bit hard of hearing so the sound is up a bit and that could be a problem for sleeping people. Even though I'm 90% sure that the people on either side of me would not hear it, the fact the might makes me not do it.

I have on the other hand fired up the tablet and watched a few episodes of a TV show off Netflix with the headphones on from time to time.

Some days I can tell when this is going to happen because I get a tight feeling in my back, arms and legs. I am getting that now and it's lasted some time - so I'm sure to be up in the middle of the night again.


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