And Suddenly It's Fall

So sunny and upper 90's for weeks on end in September has been replaces with mostly cloudy and mid 50's here in Moose Jaw. I've not seen this in my life, then again in recorded history we never been so close to being a sand dune. That is to say it's the driest year we have had on record.

So for a week now it's been cool and so on. The other night I had to actually turn the heat up for the 2nd time since last winter. That reminds me I forget when they take the A.C. units out of the window - I think it's October. I never though I would need it in September but it was on for a week solid.

That's it, that's all - just a blurb about the weather change. Oh just noticed in my photo - almost looks like words on the side of the one cloud - never mind though, I'm too lazy to circle it...


  1. I miss those temps, I can do without snow but the fall weather man do I miss that.

    1. IT's often short here then POOF cold and snow. Although last year there was almost no snow here at all.


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