Extra Money Month Hay?

Next month I am ahead a bit but there are things I need to get to catch up - so won't be much spent on myself. BUT I have a $50 credit on my phone bill so it's going to be a lot less and $40 more a month because the advance I took out for clothing is paid off now. Then the GST rebate is $198 for me. So I will have $288 extra than normal.

$120 or so will be going for insurance and $30 to $60 for cleaning – going to get the pro’s in so they can get where I can’t reach. There are a couple other things I don't normally need that I need - so not much will be left for fun, but some will. Some also gets put away in case I need cash...

Almost forgot, I also want to order a 3 months’ supply of a supplement that I want to try for the fibro pain. See how it works. So being I’m not getting other things there will be shipping so maybe $20 for that. Thing is the 3 months of it in town (exact same product) is $38 and tax – so...


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