Complaining About Doctors In Saskatchewan

Average ER wait time where I live is 5 hours. I have only been to the doctor and gone in on time 2 times in my life - most of the time I wait 2 hours or more. I also hate to HELL the idea that I can't just call the doctor and get refills, NO I have to go see the doctor in person to get them. So every 6 months I have to waste government money for a visit because they want that extra $40...?

Gone are the days when I could just call in and the doctor would fax it in so I did not have to get there and take time out of my day. Think about having to take time off work to get a refill on your prescription.

Then again gone are the days where I used to be able to get pain medication. Seems because there are drug addicts in the world, we all have to do without pain meds so the dope heads don't harm themselves with them. Oh well, it's worth tens of thousands being in unreasonable pain to keep a few low life's alive.


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