The Makeup App I Like To Play With

So this is my 50 year old male but looking all drag queened up. I have this app on my phone that I use to make these photos. I get a lot of fun out of it.

Personally I am what is known as fluid gender and how I feel gender wise is in flux. So from time to time I play with my app.

It seems to entertain the hell out of my Facebook and Instagram friends as the majority of the time I am like this - not shaved LOL. But I find it fun and it lets me explore how I might look.

The reality is I have no desire to actually ever present as a woman or even do drag for fun (well I did it one time). So it's virtual fun for me.

I'm just glad that they keep this app going - for a while it stopped working and I was kind of put out by it then they fixed it. I have the pro version and I think it was a buck or something at the time. I have no idea how much it is now. Seems all the $0.99 stuff in the USA is now $1.49 in Canada - so...

It also lets you actually see what the makeup is that would make you look like this so you can buy it. So for actual women this can be a great way to play with looks and not have to spend money on stuff you will wash off and never use again.

Also the variations and combinations are rather a lot - so you can try a great deal of different looks or changes to a look. And hay if you are like me, it's fun - if you are a woman you can point it at your husband and see how he looks in drag LOL.


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