And Of Food From The Last While

 So this was part of dinner the other day and a snack. It's steamed veggies microwaved in some sweet chili hear sauce. It was very good and I added in some scorpion pepper (ground).
 July the 1st (Canada Day) before the fireworks I went out with a friend and he had a pizza bread and I just had coffee as I had eaten already. It took kind of a long time to get the food and we just made it in time for the fireworks.
This was from a while ago and I don't remember the day. But it's a combination #8. There is deep fried shrimp, sweat and sour pork, chicken fried rice and chicken chow mein. It was very good. Price was moderate at $17 for this and coffee.

Seems the place we normally go on the Highway (R&S) has stopped giving you a bottomless cup of coffee. The amount of fries seems to have been scaled down as well. This is more than likely a good thing as almost no one could finish them all. The prices of food out there is not bad but the idea that even after you got food they only fill your cup one more time is kind of sad in my mind. People here like to linger and have coffee and this might be why there are no longer as busy as they used to be. Well that and the fact the one server seems to NOT remember who has what food coming to them.


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