Young Folk In Old Folks Homes

So I live in a "seniors building" although I am only 50. There are people that I have met and who I see spouting off online about "young people in these places".

Here is the ticket, this is a subsidized building and is meant for old folk and DISABLED folk. Yes they have actually let in a couple of people not in either category.

Here is the thing, this building is a bit less than half empty. So rather than build yet another place for able bodied poor people to go, they let them into places like this now and then when all the other spots are taken. This makes sense to me, yet to some "it's a senors building OMG the world will end if a young person gets in".

There is a board what sits and makes the decision to let people in here or not. It's not just random people being let in. You have to have met certain conditions.

But alas there is always going to be someone who keeps endlessly saying how they should NOT be allowed in. The fact that to run a building on such low occupancy is overly expensive and casts the government a lot of money never enters into their minds.


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