So I'm Locked In A Padded Room LOL...

So I'm locked in a padded room but the left my phone so I'ma post it on my blog and on Instagram.

Actually this is our one elevator. It's bigger than the other one and has padding on it all the time in case someone moves in or out. It's a lot more easy to just lave it up than it is to put it up each time.

The only thing is for people who are not as steady on their feet there are no hand rails to hold onto as they are covered with the padding. So I don't really like it being there. I am also kind of shy in real life and don't like to go up to someone in charge and say "hay this is not a great thing, it needs to change".

Now if I could just get out a parody song of love in an elevator with the words love in a padded elevator instead - then I could do a really crappy music video in the thing in the middle of the night when I am kind of sure no one would come in on me... Hmmm could have worded that last line better...


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