Replacing The Draw String In My Sweats

So this here is paracord. It's the stuff I got at the Dollar Tree. Like 2 bundles of 100 foot each. So I have low expectations. BUT they do keep my pants up. See my sweats have these cotton rope draw strings in them and they fail after a while, so I pull these threw them to get a better hold on things as it where.

I have 2 left that I need to do these with. I also now and then forget to tie them before I wash them and out comes the cord. This happened last time to 2 pairs of sweats. I have this old wire coat hanger for that that I bent up to put inside the waistband then pull the cord threw. It works better I think than other ways of doing it.

What I really hate is the kind that is looped threw and sown in the back. These WILL fail and come out one day. They are also impossible to tie proper as they are literally a loop in front and not two ends to tie. There is also the fact that most of the time the place the sting goes does NOT pass threw the back seam thus you have to get creative with it.

In any event this cheep cord is not that great for most things, but it is for this usage and will do just fine for years to come. Just remember to change them before they fail - it's much easier to just pull threw this way.


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