This Is Me Not Listening To The Doctor

Well this is me after having the flue and doing the cleaning around my apartment Yesterday. This was after I finished the vacuuming. I did it in small batches and then rested a short time and did more. No way I was going to live threw doing it all in one go.

I also cleaned the bathroom and moped all the floors that are not carpeted. Later on the same day in the evening I went and did a load of laundry.

Several days before I tried to do laundry and ended out literally passing out in the chair down in the laundry room. This made me feel stupid and when I shared the fact people gave me shit for it. I was actually told NOT to do things like this for at least 5 more days after a trip to the ER. BUT as always I know better... NOT.

Well I was feeling a hell of a lot better so I did it all, just took my time to do it. 10 hours of time to be exact. As well it was very hot in here. I had to turn the AC off to use the vacuum. There is only 1 breaker for ALL the plugins in the apartment. Sooo...

Anyways, this is what a foolish male looks like after doing something a doctor told him not to do yet. I really should have waited a few more days, but oh well.


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