Might Just Wonder To The Park Tomorrow

I may just wonder over to the building you see behind me in this shot. That being the Art Museum...

I've not been since last year even though I have walked past several times this year and in fact took a pile of photos just next door to it.

If I do go I am also going to go take a video clip of the bridge and the war memorial on the other side of it.

It's a wonderful park to say the least and I enjoy being close to it. When I am NOT in too much pain or too sick to go see it I wonder over there. It's just a block away and if I take it easy it's not hard on me.

I'm dead broke so no donation from me, but oh well. I do want to see what they have up in there and so on. I might go to the library as well and get myself a card and see if I can't get hold of a book I been wanting to read. It says they have it and it's out of print and there are NO digital copies to be had.


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