The wall of SPAM...

 OK kind of a lot of people got this monstrosity. Right if you talk to the nice bot it's going to give you a link to click then say good-buy to some of your money and your credit rating.
 Talking about having a dangerous fever that needed medical attention - so that was "very nice" for you then was it? Either your a complete CUNT or you are a spam ass twit.
 Yeah, just see the above commentary...
This is literally a bot and most of the time if they actually did sub you (most of the time it's a lie) they will unsub you the next day. It's the same on twitter, they follow you hoping you follow back and 30 seconds later unfollow you. 
Just like above - just shorter. They lie... They did not even see your video - it's a fucking bot they downloaded.

The only thing that is a saving grace in all of this is that often when you download a bot you get a virus out of it. If you pay a service you are leaving your channel open to being hacked by them as you give them your login info and you PAID them money - it's 100% the same as paying a subscriber service.


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