And Ordered Some Stuff From Amazon

Well ordered some stuff the other day. It shipped on Monday and will more than likely be here Friday.

First is a nice fast memory card for the new phone when I actually get one. I will test it out in the card reader for read and wright ability. I won't actually be getting my new phone until January so that is 6 months away from now. But I won't have to spend a bunch on a card when I get it - still need a case for it but can't find a reasonable priced one with a screen protector built in.

Next is a full year of coated Aspirin low dose. Being this is name brand this is a good price to say the least in Canada. I could get it for half the price but then it ships out of China and NOTHING going into my body is coming from China - EVER.

Last we have some 6 watt RMS speakers - they are small single driver speakers but will work well enough for just listening to vlogs on the PC. I don't need loud and I don't need thumping base, just something with good mid tones and this will do.


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