Video Rotation Bug

This is what my phone started to do after a firmware update. It rotates the video or the photo 90% Fortunately it seems to only be doing it on the face camera and not on the rear camera. Though that makes literally no sense at all. Also the camera is in landscape mode and did NOT move from the video to the photo so why is one rotated the other direction? What I don't get at all is it don't make sense that it's hardware as it only happened after an update. The strange thing is it's not just one brand of phone and it's NOT all phones doing it. Many Android phones do this and now and then iPhone does it I'm told by several people. Being you don't know it's going to happen it can really be a bother. Rotating it in my editor will take just as long as redoing the video, so often I just redo it. I been looking at old posts in forums and this seems to go back at least 5 years. Never did find a fix for it and what causes it. So for now I have to reset the phone to get it to work right. Oh well.


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