Antipsychotics and Religion

Been reading about Antipsychotics and Religion. Seems that people who are successfully treated with them lost part if not all of their belief in God. There is evidence that people who are hyper religious are often also delusional and their body tends to produce DMT naturally and most antiphycotic drugs inhibit the uptake of DMT. With the inability of the mind of be influenced with the DMT the people often stop thinking that God is talking to them and lose the feeling of being very close to their version of God. I personally was VERY religious before I started on this kind of medication and now just class myself as spiritual in a generalized manner. Thus I have given merit to the subject. I also know people who where very strong in their faith that after several months on antiphycotic medication literally stopped believing in God all together. I would be interested in hearing what others who have done on these meds have had happen to them in the realm of religion and belief in God.


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