Super Kitty To The Rescue

I'm a 50 year old well adjusted male I swear I am. Yet this little stuffed toy is the most important thing in my entire possession. If I can save one thing running out the door in a disaster, Pusheen will be it. I will even risk being killed to do it. I DO know how stupid that sounds, but she is literally like family to me.

The exact moment I ran into Pusheen the cat on the internet, my eyes got big and my heart melted. I was addicted to it to the point I even play the online game "dress Pusheen". I know it's made for freaking little girls and what not BUT it turns my crank OK.

When I am in a great deal of pain I hold onto her and think of her being a real kitty. This somehow lessens the pain and makes me happy. It's literally like magic. You see I have Fibromyalgia and it's literally like hell now and then. I can't even begin to describe the pain I feel at times.

On the other hand I have literally no excuse for having a tea party with all my stuffed Pusheen toys (there are many) or for holding her in the air and walking around the apartment pretending she is super kitty.

All I can think is I hit my head rather badly when I was about 15 and maybe this is the result. Or perhaps I just refuse to adult all the time and this makes me happy. We all need to be happy.

I remember fondly the day she arrived in the mail and I opened the box and took her out of the bag and I made this sound that you would expect from a 5 year old. The joy was instant and it never left.

Well I'm off to hold her for a while as I am into a flair and it's getting rather bad now and I HAVE to stop blogging - even though I have been sitting her for a long time doing just that. Super Kitty to the rescue...


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