Tested My Lexar 633X Micro-SD Card

OK in October I will be getting a new phone, an LG G6. This is for that phone. I have tested it and it works very well. I tested the speed read and wright to within 5% of what they claim it will do. Being that my computer is a bit old that could be the reason it's slightly slower.

In any event I won't need it to be this fast as I won't be taking 4K video any time soon and well the photo app won't cycle fast enough to top out the wright speed any time soon.

I paid $43.95 for this (and some tax). the bummer of it is the 128gb one came on sail the NEXT day after this one shipped for only $4 more than I paid for this one.

The price of memory cards in the first place is kind of all over the place on Amazon at best. But I knew if I waited long enough it would not be $59 any more and when it hit $44 I ordered it.


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