Shinny New Airmiles Card (Gold Member)

And got a new Airmiles card. This is a points system from several stores. I don't know anyone who makes enough of them to actually book a flight, but a friend just got a nice new DSLR camera with a cool lens on it.

This is a gold one as I'm a "gold member". This means I have earned more than 1000 miles in a year. I will continue to do so as I get 147 a month just for my medication. I also get a small number of them from

The old one was blue and the bar code on the back was almost worn off. So I got a new one. I had literally forgotten I was a gold member until it showed up in the mail.

You can also get a bunch of them for a group to hand out to it's members or a family to all have one on hand. The app lets you scan it off the phone but that is way more of a pain in the ass to do that hand them a card.

With every 95 points I get $10 off at Safeway. I have 161 now and will be getting 137 more any day. I also spent $30 worth of them last month. I had them stored up you see. So any day now I will have another $30 worth.

I will use them to get hand soap, deodorant and icy hot cram for my back and neck. A tube of icy hot lasts me on average of 3 months. The deodorant I normally get 3 at a time same with the soaps. I tend to wait for a sale to get them and they tend to be on at the same time.

Anyways we will see. I got enough hand soap for 2 months and enough pit shit for the rest of this month. So no worries...


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