Well this is me waiting for the laundry to finish washing so I can toss it in the dryer. I tend to get 2 cans of coke from the machine but this time did it different.

See 2 cans of coke is the same size (about) as this bottle. This bottle was $2 and 2 cans of coke are $3. So saved $1.

Some think that is not much but when I do it several times it pays for a coffee and pie out with friends. I don't have much so I end up trying to save all I can. This drink is a much needed treat while doing the thing I least like to do with my evening.

Also to save on money I decided I don't want to get Shudder after all. 2 days from now the free preview is over and I won't be picking it up. Unfortunately all these "channels" on Prime now are confusing as you see content that you need to pay more to watch. I wish they would piss off and let you just search what you have - make it a setting so we can turn off the channels we done have.

Yeah, it's only $6.65, but that is a plate of fries and a coffee at the place we go for coffee at. So ya know. Or 2 coffee and a bag of chips. Either way it's money I can use for other things and I am just not sold on the content for the price. Honestly if it was $2 less I'd keep it.

As for laundry, I tend to do it late at night. I went down there at 11 PM thinking no way anyone will be washing. Well... seems a lot of people do it late at night these days.

For almost 3 years I got away doing it in the late night and being alone. Only a few times this one woman did the wash when I was doing it (I've told some people about her and why I'll remember her - but not posting it public).

Now it seems I have to show up at 2 AM to get the machines to myself. It's not that I don't like people, I spend time almost ever day sitting in the rec room talking to people. I have a lot of chemical sensitivities and the soap most people use bothers me. Tide actually causes me a lot of problems.

So I desire to be alone when I do the wash. Just my drink and I and well, my phone to watch YouTube videos on.

There is often some guy listening to podcasts I don't understand (different language) but he is never doing the wash when I am, just listening in the other room.

Being my body has gotten used to being up early once again after many years of being up very late, I don't want to go back to sleeping till noon. So I have to put up with the people in there.


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