Turns out the movies lie. Most men who have their junk cut off don't bleed to death. In fact, it's less than 5%. 2x as many die of infection however. There is a documented case in Germany where a guy in his late teens had his balls severed while he was drunk and managed to walk 3 km home and then was sent to hospital and survived.

Now if you where to prevent the blood from clotting it would take up to 2 hours to bleed out from a severed bag or so I read. There was a post on Reddit saying his friend chose that method for suicide. Kind of unlikely unless the guy also took a bunch of anticoagulants to ensure enough blood loss.

I also managed to find out it's a bad idea to try and use castration for a means of repressing sexual desire. Yes it will do just that, but you need testosterone for other things it seems. You will suffer from bone loss, brittle bones and anemia, if you cut them things off and don't take hormone replacements.

The thing is unlike a dog or a cat, sexual function is not always even lost after castration, nor is desire in every case. It turns out that you can actually preform sexually after it, it just takes a lot longer.

But if you want to bleed out, it's really not the way to do it. femoral artery, that's the thing you want to punch a hole in to bleed out - it is quite quick though and will leave a hell of a mess for the landlord to clean up.

Also found out that the wrist is also almost never fatal. You have to do deep to get any significant bleeding. Most people would stop doing it from the pain long before they got to the point of no return - even then it would be a slow bleed out.

In any event, there is a good rick of a nasty infection from cutting of any kind. Not only is it not a proper way to deal with your mental issues, it is a chance of ending up in the hospital taking a lot of expensive antibiotics for weeks on end. Trust me I know what it's like to have a resistant infection and the other Dave knows a HELL of a lot more how much it sucks - it took months for him to get rid of it and he had to have a port installed in his arm for it.

Seriously, I look stuff like this up because I'm morbid as fuck - it's not a desire to harm myself or anyone else. If you are thinking of hurting yourself or anyone else, please seek out proper counselling. It's not worth tossing your life away. More than likely someone loves you and will miss you and feel deeply bad for your loss. There is help.

P.S. your brain can keep conscious for up to 10 seconds after your head is removed from your body. It's enough time for the killer to show you your headless body.


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