Ya Know Ya Wanna

Love that I get a hit on every post I do on this blog within 30 seconds of posting it. Someone is quite obsessed me thinks. LOL. Ya Know Ya Wanna.

But I'm certain that at least 3 people in the world are literally obsessed with me. unfortunately one of them live in Moose Jaw. I used to see his car outside my building at all hours of the light when I lived in the other place. Only seen it in my parking lot 3 times since I moved here - maybe he realizes there are camera's in the parking lot.

 Another one is a quiet kind of obsessed and does no harm - they just have to see everything I post on YouTube.

Well the last one is the crazy kind of mentally disturbed obsessed where they spend every waking moment looking at everything on any place I post. LOL. I literally can't imagine the energy this person spends on me. How can it be worth it? They must be tortured to do this after all.

Waving hello from my happy part of the world. Peace and love be with you.


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