It's interesting how the internet and people in real life are acting these days. They divide into camps and then scream all kinds of vile crap at the other side, the entire time calling it free speech.

The thing is, when the other side does the same back all the sudden it's some kind of hate crime and they are evil people who want to destroy the world.

The best of this idealism is with the Republicans and the Democrats in the USA. The both do just as vile things on social media and in "protests". The use hate and intimidation then when they get it back all the sudden they are a victim.

Now I'm not talking about everyone. I'm talking about the extremely vocal minority on both sides who can't shut up long enough to take a piss - they are standing there with willy in one hand and Tweeting with the other.

The vast majority of people on both sides of the coin are sitting there wondering why the hell these crazy people are claiming to be on their side.

Then there is people in the middle who look at both sides and wonder why they can't see that the "choice" they have when voting is an illusion. The reality is neither side is for the people and will end up doing what they can to make their friends and themselves more money in the long run.

Anything that does get done is minimal at best and if it's a good thing, will be attacked at some form of communism or right wing extremist move.

The only way things will ever get better is if people realize what the hell is going on and demand change. But they don't... instead they listen to the empty promises of their party and follow blindly the entire time.

No matter how damaged they become by the actions of the people they elected all they see is "they are trying to fix the country". Sigh. The reality of it all never sinks in.


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