This is me outside the dermatologists office a while back. I have one more appointment and I should be done with her. I just hope the skin reaction to the inc on this BAD tattoo does not come back. For not it's clearing it up quite well, however I need a second tube of it.

I'm going to order it tomorrow for pickup after my surgeons appointment. I'll also be ordering my normal meds a week early so I don't need to make 2 trips. Obviously I need to go and not get them delivered - they have skipped giving me the airmiles 3 times now. I did not keep the slip so I can't go get them dome manually.

The screwed me out of $20 of airmiles on that last one. This next one will put me just over $20 when they come in. But I'd have had $40 after this order if it where not for them missing the number linked in my profile on their system. It should be automatic, but obviously it's not. Also I've had bonus points NOT show up at the till there many times and most of the time noticed it and had them do it manually at customer service.


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