1 First job: Grounds keeping in a cemetery.
2 Dream Job: Getting paid to eat food.
3 Astrological sign: Scorpio.
4 Favourite food: Curried chicken extra hot.
5 Favourite dog type: Miniature Poodle.
6 Favourite shoes: Don't have a fave.
7 Favourite candy: The old Red Hots you can't get anymore.
8 Favourite Ice Cream: At this moment I'm all into Salted Caramel.
9 Pet peeve: Screaming kids, it makes me literally feel sick. I know strange reaction.
10 Your Vehicle colour: Don't have one, but the last one was red.
11 Favourite Holiday: Halloween.
12 Night owl or early bird: Night owl.
13 Tattoos: 2 good ones and one that feck near killed me and looks like shit now.
14 Like to cook: I used to but I really don't anymore.
15 Can you drive a stick shift: Yes.
16 Favourite colour: Purple.
17 Do you like vegetables: Yes I do.
18 Do you need glasses: Yes and I hate the freaking things.
19 Favourite season: Fall.

Look UK Spelling a lot of people will thing is wrong LOL.


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