I had the worse case of the shits in my life about 5 years ago. I went to the can and exploded. Well It was dripping off my ass and the seat of the toilet. When I got up you could see the outline of my man bits was the only clean spot. I had to jump in the shower. Never had anything like that happen again - thank GOD.

Then there was a time maybe 15 years back. I went to the men's room at a local supermarket. Well it is frequented by old people mostly at that time - however now it's a more young crowd. Well I opened the door to the normal stall not wanting to use the disabled one. I looks in and the toilet and 3 walls have shit all over them. It's like someone took a 5 gallon pail of crap and tossed it on the walls. If this was not intentional, someone had to have died doing this.

At a cafe we used to go to there was a guy who would smear poop on the walls in the men's room. For weeks this went on and the manager had a bounty on his head. Well a friend of mine (also a Dave - every 3rd man in Moose Jaw is a Dave) found him out one day and knew him by name. He would literally sit there and wait for someone to go in and then after they came out check the bathroom.

This one if you laugh at your a dick. Just kidding it's funny to me now. When I was a little kid my parents had this annoying habit of not listening to me. Well people of their generation in general did not listen to kids. I had to poop and it was bath time - dad said "quit stalling and get in the tub". Well it did not end well, as soon as I went to sit in the tub out it came. Well I started to scream and Dad was annoyed but knew he could only blame himself.

Well there are more that come to mind, but I'll leave it here.


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