Hight School Senior Year Tag

1. Did you know your current love? Did not fall in love until I was 25, so no one.
2. Type of car? 1969 Meteor Rideau, hunter green – I put over 30,000 miles on that car and had it for 10 years.
3. What kind of job did you have? I did not have my first job until the summer I lest high school and that job was grounds keeper assistant in a graveyard.
4. Where did you live? Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. All but the first 11 months of my life where lived here.
5. Were you popular? Was kind of in the middle. I had a lot of people I hung out with but was not in the “in crowd”.
6. Were you in choir? We did not have one at the time I was there.
7. Ever get suspended from school? Never.
8. If you could, would you go back? No.
9. Still talk to the person that you went to prom with? I did not go to prom. I spent the night at a “bush party” out on a farm with about 100 other kids from several high schools. We where all punk rockers and metal heads.
10. Did you skip school? Not once. The only times I ever missed school in my life I was sick or injured.
11. Go to all of the football games? Not all of them but the ones at my school I attended. We would pass around a super gulp cup that was 75% vodka and 25% coke. I loved going to a Catholic school.
12. Favourite subject? Sociology.
13. Do you still have your yearbooks? Just the one I designed the cover for. I literally don’t care about keeping memento's from the past – I have extremely few things from back then.
14. Did you follow the career path? No – I wanted to go into computer science and ended up doing a lot of things, but never that. By the time I got out of trade school with my programming knowledge, there was little interest in it at that time and I would have had to move to a big city and I was not willing to do that.
15. Do you have a class ring? No, I have a class beer mug – No joke – beer mug.
16. Still close with your best friend? My best friend at that time I knew since I was 6 years old and a couple years ago I had enough of his shit and cut him out of my life – so no. To be honest I had done hundreds of things for him over the years, like fix his computer and his car and he could not do me literally one favour – so we no longer talk.
17. Who was your favourite teacher? Sister Damian.
18. What was your style? I was just average – no real style. Jeans and a T-Shirt. I did have longer hair then.
19. Favourite shoes? I not once in my life cared what kind of shoes I had as long as they fit.
20. Favourite thing to eat in the cafeteria? We did not have one that sold food, it was just a place to eat your packed lunch. I never used it unless it was chess club day then I eat there.
21. Favourite Band? Iron Maiden.
22. High school hair style? Long and straight.
23. What kind of perfume/body spray? To be honest I’m not sure if body spray existed in 1985 in Moose Jaw. I never had any scented thing on in school at all.
24. How old when you graduated? 18. I had to start school late because I was born in November. It to this day makes no sense to me. They don’t do it that way now I’m told.

My high school beer mug.


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