I'm not super big into reading these days, so I don't have many books on my tablet. I find it interesting that when I switched from my old tablet to the new one that it forgot I read some of these. I got a lot of them when I was sent an Amazon gift card from the USA. See you can't use them on the Canadian site, so I got books with them.

The Devil's Bible will be my next read. I've got no clue about this book but it was recommended. I've never even heard of the person who wrote it. Some sites say it's a study in Devil worship and some say it's Satanism (not the same thing). So I don't know. But might be interesting and it was free at the time I got it.

The one with the demon looking thing and no title is Fantasmagoria. This is a term for a type of horror theatre using what was called magic lanterns in the day to project on walls. It is also a very long poem in the genera of horror.

The Van Helsing Paradox was also recommended. Supposed to be a rather interesting book. We will see eventually.

In any event, if you read any of these and would like to share about them, please do in the comments.


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